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AFL Preview Round 12

AFL Preview Round 12

Good morning tipsters. A much better result last week with 6 but looking at the fixture for this week you will find that of the 8 games 5 could go either way. Based on tipping form so far this season those are scary odds!  North by a point and an Adelaide form reversal all worked against us.

This weekend we have a Monday game, Queen’s birthday I believe. If only Freddie Mercury knew we held a holiday in his honour!! Of course we had the long weekend last week in WA, one of the few times we are ahead of the East but a right pain if you want to watch the game on the box here. Days of Our Lives usually gets top billing or an episode of the 8th re-run of Mash, followed by It’s Academic! In Norseman you get all these shows with the added weather feature of snow across the screens. The number of people injured in falls from rooftops in this town would amaze you. They have slipped and fallen while madly adjusting aerials which suffer from some form of rotational creep over a 24 hour period and need an occasional slap back into place. Norseman is a two hour township – 2 hours from Esperance, 2 hours from Kalgoorlie, 2 hours from Balladonia and 2 hours from reality. But the appearance of isolation is a false one because, while 49 is the mathematical answer in the Hitch Hikers Guide, Norseman is the geographical answer to “What town is the centre of the Universe?” Anybody who has travelled to or from the west knows that. Another aspect of the town is that it seems the further you move from Perth the less supporter there are for Eagles and Fremantle teams so in Norseman, post code 6443, you can walk down the main street, the only street really, and it’s actually safe to wear a Collingwood scarf, a Port Adelaide beanie, an All Blacks Guernsey (although some of these appear tattooed on) and Carlton socks without starting a brawl or even attracting some friendly banter. Sigh.....
Enjoy the round, the games and for those east of Ceduna, the long weekend. Good luck.

North Melbourne V Carlton Friday night at Etihad

The Blues could come out and play like clowns and North can come out and play like champions and who will get that tip right? But can North  string two wins in a row together? Can the Blues win 3 in a row? And what are the odds on there being two players, one from each team, bearing the christian name of Lachie? Are they related? All these questions will be answered by late Friday night.

Carlton by 39

Hawthorn V Adelaide Saturday at Aurora Tasmania

The Hawks are shooting for 5 in a row would you believe? Adelaide just keeps trying. McLeod is out. Edwards has retired. Hawthorn surely? It will be tight all day and somebody please tell Buddy not to bump anyone, ever, again.

Hawthorn by 11

Essendon V Geelong Saturday at Etihad

The Bombers were just pipped by the Swans last week in a close game but against Geelong they won’t get that close. The result is a lay down misere it’s just the margin we need to work out.

Geelong by 42

Port Adelaide V Sydney Saturday at AAMI
Two evenly matched sides based on form so this is a tough one to pick. When in doubt go the home side. The Power won 5 weeks ago then lost 4. The Swans lost 4 in a row then won last week. To maintain balance in their L’s and W’s it’s definitely Port.

Port Adelaide by 16

Richmond V West Coast Eagles Sunday at the MCG

I can’t help but think that this is a great opportunity for the Tigers to win their second game of the season. Just kidding. Here’s a useless stat for you – Richmond has not beaten the Eagles at the MCG since 2002. If ever there was a reason to pick the Tigers then that’s it. But I promised not to pick Richmond this year and so far I am running 10 to 1 on tipping points. 10 to 2 is still a good ratio if the Tigers get up for a win.

West Coast by 19

Western Bulldogs V Brisbane Sunday at Etihad

The Bulldogs need to get their season back on line after consecutive losses. The Lions will lose this one by more than 1 point. Staker faces Barry Hall again but don’t expect any fireworks there. Akermanis is out for the Doggies no doubt pondering whether to retire to a life of commentating and writing. I’ve seen his articles and he gets $150K for that drivel. If you want real value for money then this drivel is hard to beat and it’s appropriately remunerated.

Western Bulldogs by 41

Fremantle V St Kilda Sunday at Subiaco

What a good game this should be. Saints are on a bit of a roll even with Reiwoldt gone but Freo will want to make up for an unexpected loss against the Crows last week. This will be a lot tougher too and maybe the home ground can bring Freo a win. Maybe not. Has there ever been a draw at Subiaco? Freo need to stop Milne both kicking goals and giving cheek. Nobody can stop Sandilands so it will be interesting to see who wins most clearances as Montagna and Hayes are two of the best in that area. If Pav kicks 5 they will win the game.

Fremantle by 9

Melbourne V Collingwood Monday at the MCG

The Pies allowed the Demons to nearly win the last time they met just getting home by a point. There is no way that will happen on the long weekend game. Melbourne will not be given that chance this time.

Collingwood by 51

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