Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Upset and an Almost

The Melbourne Storm have been almost invincible since their salary cap drama hit. Today they started like normal charging to scoring first today against the Broncos. The Broncos were primed for a big day to upset the Storm in their opening day celebration. In the other game, the Knights stuck it to the Titans. For full scores and reports, read the full report.

The Newcastle Knights, obviously buoyed by the win over the Broncos last week, really stuck it to the Gold Coast Titans in their game today in Newcastle. The Titans scored first, but the Knights scored again soon to snare the lead 12-6. By the end of the game, the lead had see-sawed many times until the Titans stole it in the 68th minute and never gave it back.They won 38-36.

The Broncos have sprung the upset of the year, knocking over the Melbourne Storm 36-14. The Storm scored first to lead 4-0, but the Broncos gathered momentum through a great game by Corey Norman. The Broncos led 24-4 at half-time and stole the game in front of another great Melbourne Crowd of 20,000.

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