Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday at the Footy

We spent the day with Curly at local Brisbane Junior Rugby League games. We started at Ten o'clock where the Premier League U13 Team Curly helps coaches, went down 18-8. We then followed up with another couple of games back at the club. In the meantime there were some NRL games played.

In the NRL, Johny Lang continued his dominance over Tim Sheens with an amazing 50-10 victory for Souths over the Tigers. In the other NRL game, the Panthers kept their chances alive with a 34-14 win over the Sharks.

To be honest, the NRL was the last thing on our mind this weekend. We went to Easts Carina yesterday and watched some Brisbane Second Division Games, and as noted above, spent the day at Capalaba Juniors. Days at the local are so often the best. Just sitting there, cheering on the team. The groups of kids that find themselves at every ground in Australia and start that improvised game of footy we all love. AND REALLY, That what THEFOOTY is all about.

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