Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Qld 1, NSW -0

Qld won State of Origin ONE 28-24. The scoreline was flattering for the Blues as they scored two tries from 50-50 Video ref calls, including a final try awarded to Ben Creagh where he clearly knocked on, potentially twice, in "scoring" the try. The previous Blues try, awarded to Anthony Watmough, was also dodgy with the best camera angle to adjudicate the knock-on wasn't shown until after the tray was awarded.

This isn't to say that all the calls went NSW way. There was a period in the early part of the second half, in which QLD was afforded the benefit of the doubt with a number of line ball decisions concerning forward passes, and the like and the most obvious being the Sam Thiaday try, in which in usual NRL scenario, the loss of the football by Kurt Gidley would have been judged a two man strip.

But in all that, Qld were the better side. Jonathon Thurston and Sam Thiaday were the best on the park, while the Blues were best served by Anthony Watmough and Jamie Lyon.

Where NSW goes, is a question that will be in answered in due course. They weren't horrible. They weren't great. Another camp from the same team may seem improvements. Personally, I would have Hayne at fullback, the Morris Twins on the wing and move Gidley to 5/8. Sack Cooper and replace with Jennings and that is the side to trouble QLD.

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