Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Player Revolt

Leading NRL players are finally getting jack of the situation they find themselves in with the current Administration of the game. They are sick of seeing great players forced to leave our game, due to offers far exceeding what is on offer in the NRL.

It is indeed a dire situation as the player drain continues unabated. For every Benji Marshal that commits long term to the game, we have three others toying through the media of changing codes and at least two other leaving for other codes or overseas. Finally the players have had enough and calling for change, and again tough guy David Gallop ignores them, all for the good of the game.

Wouldn't it be magnificent to be in AFL, where the only press seems to be about games played, won, lost and/or injuries. It is certainly about time the NRL grew up, realised that they cannot protect all clubs and allow new revenues into the game and for the players to be paid what they are worth.

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