Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Origin Dawns

Origin Dawns with rain pelting down in Sydney and every Queenslander heavy with anticipation. The day of Origin 1 is always a big day for Qlders and today is no different as we approach our fifth straight series win.

What will be different today, however is the instrumental loss that Cameron Smith is for the Qlders and the fact that NSW developed a BLUEPRINT on how to defeat the Maroon side in game three last year, with a defensive effort that thwarted the attacking brilliance of the maroons at every turn.

The Blues have also picked a side to stand up to the Maroons and balanced that with attacking threats right across the field. Strike power in the form of Ben Creagh, Jaryd Hayne and Brett Morris and the defensive brilliance from Timana Tahu and Matt Cooper.

The only downside in my eyes for the Blues is half Brett Kimmorley, who really has had a mixed bag at Origin level, so he is either linked in for a loss or a major facet for a win.

The heart says Qld, the head says NSW.....Roll on game time. It will be a beauty

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