Monday, May 17, 2010

NSW Side Named for Origin 1

The NSW Blues Side has been named for Origin 1. The Team is: 1. Kurt Gidley (c) 2. Brett Morris 3. Matt Cooper 4. Timana Tahu 5. Jaryd Hayne 6. Jamie Lyon 7. Brett Kimmorley 8. Michael Weyman 9. Michael Ennis 10. Josh Perry 11. Trent Waterhouse 12. Ben Creagh 13. Anthony Watmough 14. Luke Lewis 15. Brett White 16. Tom Learoyd-Lars 17. Jamal Idris.

This side on paper appears to be strong and picked on form. Ten of the team played in the winning team from Match Three of the series last season. Michael Ennis has won out in the hooker stakes while Jamal Idris must be questioned on his selection. Clearly not ready and nowhere near consistent enough to be named at this calibre. Curly has been telling everyone that would listen since the ALL-STARS game that if NSW pick Michael Jennings in the team, NSW cleansweep the series.

NSW have gone for two defensive centres to contain the likely QLD pairing of Tonga and Inglis. Jamie Lyon at five-eight is an inspired selection, but his combination with Brett Kimmorley is unknown. Qlders must be saying "Bring it on"

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