Monday, May 10, 2010

NRL v AFL Expansion Theories

I was reflecting the other day about the difference in the theories behind the AFL and NRL expansion of the game.The AFL have expanded their game into a National one by taking the game into Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. They supported these franchises with concessions of varying degrees, especially the non-traditional AFL State. In 2010, each of the expansion States have won the AFL at times since. A truly National game with committed fans.

The NRL/ARL/Super League opened up with game with expansion into Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. No concessions were ever given, until the game closed down the Perth and Adelaide franchises. Leaving Melbourne as our only non-traditional State in the game and clearly not a National game. No concessions, but a team that put a great development network in place and developed some of the Superstars of the game.We then strip them of their Premierships and force them to play for no points in 2010.And we call ourselves the National Rugby League.

Whose governing body wins?

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