Sunday, May 2, 2010

NRL Administration Lurches from One Disaster to the Next

Under no circumstances would anyone ever suggest that ole Snowy "Bloody" Fraser loves Phil Gould, but ole Snowy is thankful that someone is leading the charge against David Gallop and his NRL administration.

Thursday Night's footy show, showed once again how inflexible the NRL Administrator is. Bruno Cullen, wise old head of the Broncos, presented an idea to the NRL fans that night, to resounding applause. When asked had he presented it to Gallop, the answer was simply, I've given up.I have done it twice now. When will this administration grow some bigger ones, and grow our game

What this administration is lacking, is the ability to take someone else's idea and use it to grow the competition. I can't recall an idea where an idea given to the NRL and used. The single exception is the power that Wayne Bennett has, as he has had some ideas implemented.

I am so sick of seeing our game in the news for the wrong reasons. YES GALLOP, it is time to debate the salary cap, It is time to bring in better incentives for players developed by a single club, it is time to bring in a notational points cap and let the clubs pay the players what they want.

It is not the NRL administration's role to keep an even competition. Sorry mate, that is the clubs and coaches role. ONLY.


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