Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lets Talk Origin

We have the Origin Buildup occurring on all the footy tv shows, we have origin parties being planned, and now is the time for the team here at to wade into the scene and add our two cents worth.

Origin this year contains many surprise packets that we want to explore in this article. Firstly, lets look at QLD.

The Melbourne Storm players, playing for nothing at the moment, suddenly have something to play for. This could spell danger for the NSW Blues. Slater, Inglis, Cronk and Smith. Brilliance extreme and with motive. WOW!!! This should be a show. Inside however we have Darren Lockyer, playing on old legs and injured Jonathon Thurston at half-back. One would hope that JT is alive and well, but he does have a history of coming back early and Qld Supporters will be hoping this isn't a repeat.

The Biggest Concern for QLD is Cameron Smith and his elbow. There is a big gap between Cameron Smith and Matt Ballin. This is a huge call for QLD. The potential of Smith and Thurston playing hurt......That is the concern. Some say Dave Taylor will struggle. I don't think he will, he will go OK.

For the Blues they have some injury concerns, but geez its a good side. Lyon at five-eight is a great call. Tahu and Cooper in the centres to limit Inglis and Tonga. Back row full of line runners and all brought together by wilely ole Brett Kimmorley. I think they are lookin OK, and if QLD.

The only query I have is the choice of Gidley over Hayne at fullback and we believe Idris is a risk. A huge risk. It may not be in Game 1, but it will be sometime over the series.

This will be one of the great games, and with most Origin, whoever gets away early should go onto win. Our heart says QLD, but this NSW looks good and it has been built for a reason. Cannot wait for next Wednesday Night

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