Monday, May 24, 2010

Length of the Season

The length of the current season and player burnout has again come on the agenda. Heightened by players backing up after Origin, the very real concern is about player burnout. The other pressing issue is the fact that the game needs money and the interests of the clubs is about the twelve home games and the 26 round competition. Some have spoken of the 32 round season. I reckon we need to go the other way.

The American Football season consists of 17 weeks and their final series starting on the 9th September and concluding with Super Bowl in February. A total of five months. Our season starts in early March and concludes in the first week of October.7 months. I think we have TOO MUCH football. I reckon we can shorten the season, reduce the game AND bring more money into the game. Games then become a rarer commodity and gives the fans more reason to attend every game. In all likelihood, less chance to attend you become more likely to attend. Every game would become an event. Just ask those fans that wait for Leichardt games, or Kogarah games. These games are rarer and thus becomes an event to be there.

By having fewer games, but selling them out more, clubs stand to pocket more from gate receipts. The sponsoring of match days also becomes a greater opportunity for companies as they are limited. Advertising spots become less, so demand for places grow. Increasing the revenue.

Just my thoughts, and I reckon it would work.

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