Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dragons Do it Easy at Win

The St George Illawarra Dragons had an easy 30-0 over Parramatta in another rain-soaked Sydney encounter. While the scores indicate a thumping shut-out for the Dragons, the score was still just 8-0 at the 52nd minute mark.

The Eels were dealt a blow with Nathan Hindmarsh's withdrawal just minutes from kick-off. This created some tension at the ground on whether the Eels could indeed replace him, as it was a pre-disclosed injury. Common Sense prevailed and the Eels had the full 17, however the Hindmarsh loss was noticeable for the Eels.

The best thing from a Dragons perspective is that they kept the Eels scoreless, and was able to take advantge of their dominance during the second half to run away with the game

In the other Friday Night game, the Wests Tigers rebounded with a massive 50-6 win over the hopeless New Zealand Warriors.

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