Saturday, May 15, 2010

Danger Signs Ahead

With the recent developments in the Storm v NRL stoush, you must  wonder  where we are heading. The NRL and the Forensic Audit continues to dig up new dirt and none of it will be good. I also have a belief as to why NEWS LTD have been so compliant in relation to the penalties the NRL have metered. Read this whole story.

The NRL and the Storm and the game of Rugby League itself, is in a very dangerous place. Daily we continue to see the drama continue, with Cam Smith now tainted with revelations of a $60,000 home renovation paid for by the club. Another name dragged through the mud, as with Greg Inglis and his $30,000 boat. Reports are starting to emerge of player signatures being found on two separate contracts. Where will this end?

The next question is of the legal challenge from the independent directors.NEWS LTD have been very quick to distance themselves from this challenge and one really has to ask why. OK, we have a conflict of interest with NEWS LTD owning the Storm and partners in the NRL. That just ain't the half of it, in my eyes.

I would believe that maybe, THAT company is distancing themselves from the court case, is because THEY KNEW ABOUT THE RORT THE WHOLE TIME, and weakens badly their position when it comes to the independent commission. MAYBE? So are they happy to muddy their club, muddy their players and coaches to ensure they get the best possible payout from an independent commission. ???? I am not saying this is true, but it could be.Could it?

A true owner would stand up for the club, wouldn't they? Did they know about it? Will a court case do the Storm justice? The players have already been warned through the media that their personal deals will be prominent in a court case. Are the owners worried about just what a court case will drag out? Surely Brian Waldren, did not act without consent? That is a serious breach of Corporate compliance and if found, would wear the can alone. Personally, I doubt it.

So what lies ahead. Any court will find the salary cap a serious breach of Trade Restraint. SO NRL loses its salary cap. Open slather on player incomes, means clubs go bust. So bye bye to at least half of the Sydney Clubs. Back to a 12 team competition.

We have an independent commission, strong in the grass roots after News Ltd buyout was completed in favour of the grassroots of the game. Was all this worth it? You tell Me?

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