Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Continuing Saga of the Titans Stench

The Stench around the Titans refuses to go away. Their legal dramas are splashed around the media in ever increasing form, with the recent news of owed back taxes now adding to the mess. The Titans brand is taking a severe battering during this process and the integrity of the brand is certainly being questioned.

Michael Searle was seen as one of the brightest sports administrators in the Nation. This is now under serious question, with the very least of his dramas being that he cannot keep the Titans Issues out of the media. His other serious ethics issue is the increasing cost of the Titans Centre of Excellence, which when finally opened, will carry enormous baggage and a massive price tag.

The Titans need to get off the pages of the newspaper in all areas bar the sporting results. This will be the true test of Searle's ability as an administrator and man of courage and of ethics.

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