Saturday, May 8, 2010

Aussie Reign Over World Champs

The only thing that dampened the opening of the New AAMI Stadium in Melbourne last night was the true Melbourne Weather. Seeing rugby league played at the best level and in a stadium best suited, allowed the Melbourne public the best viewing platform yet. What they witnessed was a gripping international game, dour at times, electrifying at others. They saw an Aussie side best utilise their opportunities to score a 12-8 victory.

Brett Morris continued his run of form for the first try scorer punters by following through on a deft grubber to score late in the first half. Inside Morris, Greg Inglis was running amok, stirred into action after some ordinary club form, and of course THAT SCANDAL AND THAT BOAT. Morris second try came after some brilliance shown by Sammy Thiaday who shot back a Harlem Globetrotter style hook, which Morris scooped up to score.

The Kiwis scored two tries to close the gap and at the end of the day, Jamie Lyon's goal kicks proved the difference. Fielding a young side, the Kiwis handled themselves very well and things look bright for the future.

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