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AFL Review Round 7

AFL Round 7 review and results from our friends at www.footy.com.au

Western Bulldogs 10.10.70 Defeated Melbourne 9.12.66
The Bulldogs were very lucky to win this game as was Melbourne unlucky to lose. 2 goals in the dying minutes by Lake (Burleigh) Griffen for the Bullies got them their 4th win. The Demons are 3 -3 but for a smidgin of luck they would be 5 – 2. There is a little more joy for Melbourne this season and teams that approach games against them thinking it will be a cakewalk better watch out. The Western Bulldogs seem to be doing a Collingwood. Reasonable form in the first part of the season and down to serious business into the last 7 rounds. Bulldog fans hope so because at times during this game they looked average.

Port Adelaide 17.7.109 Defeated Essendon 16.10.106
This game was 1 point closer than the Friday night match and all day the two teams went goal for goal. Port was able to sneak ahead in the last 3 minutes and hold on making for a very happy Power coach and an unhappy Bomber coach. Essendon need some consistency in form, not only to give a little hope to supporters but it would be a great help to tipsters as well. They finished in the 8 last year but the general consensus of opinion was that they were pretenders which was proved true with their quick exit from the finals. They won’t make it this year. Port have a harder edge to their game and early season form indicates that they will make the 8. Folks in SA will need some joy this season.

West Coast 15.12.102 Defeated Hawthorn 14.10.94
The Eagles were 25 points up near the end of the 3rd quarter and Hawthorn came back to be 7 points down at 3 quarter time. West Coast was up again by 25 points into the 4th quarter and the Hawks kicked 4 of the last 5 goals to almost pinch the game. Curtains for the Hawks? Lifeline for the Eagles? How did Hawthorn win a premiership in 2008? They will struggle this season as well to make the final 8 as they are average. West Coast need some serious skills improvements because against better sides, that’s the about 13 of them, they will struggle. Final 8 for them is a pipe dream at the moment regardless of what Woosha says.

Collingwood 23.19.157 Defeated North Melbourne 14.7.91
The game went as expected and the Pies built on their half time lead to win by 11 goals in a canter. Collingwood are looking pretty strong at the moment and North are well into a rebuilding phase. Pies supporters are getting excited because on current form, and at the end of this round, Collingwood are clearly on top of the ladder. If there was a bet preseason that said Fremantle and Collingwood would be playing off for clear ladder leadership in round 8 I would have put my wallet in my pocket and walked away. Yet, next week, this is what is happening. Last night there were only 546 ticktes available for the game. The purple haze versus the black and white army. And North Melbourne? Well let’s see where they are in 2013?

Fremantle 15.23.113 Defeated Brisbane 15.10.100
The score line flatters the Lions who were kept in the game only due to poor kicking for goal by the Dockers. The game would have been beyond the Lions if Freo had kicked straighter. Great win for Fremantle and the 3rd consecutive loss for the Lions. McPharlin and Tarrant were able to keep the lid on Brown Fevola and that was a telling match up. Others did bob up for goals but goal front misses by Freo really kept the Lions in the game, even with the last quarter surge. The beauty of the way the Dockers play is that it helps to build confidence and when a team plays with confidence some amazing things can happen. Freo look like final 8 while Brisbane will be on the fringe.

Geelong 19.12.126 Defeated Sydney 9.5.59
This was a game definitely played in 2 halves as the Swans were doing quite well against the Cats up until then. After half time Geelong applied pressure and class and really clawed the feathers off the Swans in a show of absolute power. Who’s kicking the goals for the Cats? Podsiardly!! Yep. Sydney should still make the final 8 in a struggle with 5 other teams and Geelong will play Collingwood in the Grand Final.

Adelaide 15.14.104 Defeated Richmond 7.12.54
If you watched this game you should have had your head in your hands as error after error and turnovers due to poor skills dominated the game. The Tigers were down by just 5 points at 3 quarter time in a low scoring game. In the last quarter Richmond continued playing the same style but the Crows almost turned into birds of paradise kicking a bigger score in this stanza than they had managed for the previous 3 quarters. Another thrashing  ensued for the Tigers.

Carlton 20.9.129 Defeated St Kilda 9.14.68
At the end of the game St Kilda’s final score was equal to the score that Carlton had kicked at half time. The Blues did come back on the field in the second half and almost doubled their score in that half. If you have basic maths you will realize that Carlton thrashed the Saints. Amen.  I guess if you look at the scores the Saints have managed over the past couple of weeks you would have to ask just how would they be able to kick a winning score? Well the answer was simple. They couldn’t

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