Saturday, April 24, 2010


Craig Bellamy held a media Statement at just after 2pm today, that was filled with passion and showed enormous courage and commitment from the players. His over-riding statement was one that WE AIN'T GOING TO SURRENDER.

Craig Bellamy thanked the fans and the families of the staff and players, and thanked the sponsors that are standing firm. He spoke of how tight the squad was and made special mention that the players were fully committed to the club, and that most of the squad had been together since they were kids.

Obviously no questions were taken due to the ongoing forensic accounting audit, which was welcomed by Bellamy and the players. The stance was a strong and emotive one and one that is welcomed by myself and many other fans.

Again, we re-iterate, this scandal MUST change what we do and how we do it with rugby league. Things must change and this must never be allowed to happen again.

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