Sunday, April 25, 2010

Warriors no Match for Wounded Storm

As if making a point, the Melbourne Storm tonight, playing for nothing but pride, whipped the New Zealand Warriors by 40-6 at Melbourne's Edihad Stadium. You had to feel sorry for the Warriors, but tonight was all STORM, as their players stood tall and played some outstanding football in front of a great crowd of over 23,000.

For the Storm we saw young Matt Duffie score a double, William Isa and Ryan Tandy score their first tries in the fledgling careers. It was as if the Storm were making a point, bringing in youngsters in place of some more senior players. The development pipeline is in good shape

It was pleasing to see such a large crowd there tonight to support the Storm and maybe if this continues the club will survive. This was the first time in NRL history, that a team played with the knowledge they would get no Premiership points for the win, and that is a sad day in our history.

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