Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Sunday Papers Says it All

The Sunday Mail says it all in regards to the mess that Rugby League is in. Articles on many things including the pressure now on Gallop from all areas of the game, players being given deadlines for offers and options, players being wooed by other codes and other countries, and the vultures circling the Melbourne Storm. The players offering paycuts, but MR Tough Guy Gallop, seemingly hell-bent on destroying the club.

The Sunday papers say it all.
  • David Gallop is being put under pressure by many of the games powerbrokers to lighten the sentence on the Storm,including the games broadcaster and the one they hope will lead them to a bright and sunny future.
  • Israel Folou having until Friday to take up a 2 year option with the Broncos. Allegedly weighing up offers from the Melbourne Rebels Super Union franchise, AFL and French Rugby Union.
  • Ownership of the Storm and the possible relocation to the Central QLD franchise
  • An article on Karmichael Hunt, the defecter, telling of his love of French Rugby Union and his excitement at the impending AFL Switch
  • The commitment of Gallop to see off the death of the Storm with his unwavering commitment to ensuring that players taking pay cuts will not be an accepted part of the Storms future. 
So in one Sunday session, we can clearly see what is wrong with the game. An out of control, ego-driven CEO hell-bent on playing the tough-guy, who cannot see the pressures being placed on our market place by other external forces. An out of control, ego-driven CEO hell-bent on playing the tough guy, who will not budge on the salary cap movement to allow players to earn what they should earn, AND stay in the game they love. An out of control, ego-driven CEO hell-bent on playing the tough guy, who can not see the competitors are taking advantage of the game that he continually kicks in the guts. A CEO who has no vision for the game's future, no concrete plans to build an expanded revenue base and who acts individually on a reactive basis, without any concept of the long term strategic implications of his decisions. He is now at the real cross-roads where he faces the prospect of alienating one the major players in our game, and that is Channel 9. Well Done David.

Gallop must go. His administration has been hopeless for the future of rugby league.

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