Friday, April 23, 2010

Storm Still Dominating

Day 2 of the Storm Salary Cap Drama and it shows no sign of abating. In fact questions and innuendo dominate. Funnily enough the finger of blame place on Brian Waldren, has seen him become a casualty from the Melbourne Rebels, but funnily enough the finger of blame placed on him is being scattergunned right around the NRL. The silence coming from other CEO's is deafening. Questions ?

The approach of other CEO's seems to be one of silence and hope. Maybe they have their fingers crossed that they will miss any step-up by the NRL of any intended Cap Audits. If the perception that all clubs cheat the cap, is actually true, we would have a lot of nervous CEO's at the moment. Is this the reason why the silence is deafening from other CEO's shouting down the "cheating tactics" of the Storm.

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