Thursday, April 22, 2010

Salary Cap: One Hell of a Stink for the Storm

The NRL have just announced the stripping of the 2007 and 2009 Premierships from the Melbourne Storm, after wholesale rorting of the salary cap, to the tune of a reported 1.7 million dollars over four years after intensive investigation by the Salary Cap Auditors.

This is the largest single rort of the Salary Cap, eclipsing the 2002 Bulldogs scenario. On top of the stripping of their two premierships, the club has been stripped of their three minor premierships obtained from 2006-2008 and have been stripped of their points obtained from Season 2010 to date. On top of this, they WILL NOT accumulate any points for 2010, although they will continue to play and wins and losses recorded.

David Gallop has faced a Media Conference and spoke very clearly that the breaches and rorts were wholesale and that key personnel within the organisation were systematic in their deception. The Storm have been found to have run a dual book system, with secret files stored in the house of the CEO. Brian Waldren, ex-CEO has been named as the architect of the system while acting CEO Matt Hansen has been stood down.

The details will surely come out and could possibly implicate players and coaches. The Storm are also faced with a $500 thousand fine and the repayment of over 1.1 million dollars in prizemoney earned over the time. This could surely spell the end for the Storm, as they fight to win in a hostile land, but now also to re-build credibility.

Many people say that all clubs cheat the salary cap. We only find out the ones that are caught.

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