Friday, April 23, 2010

Question the Storm Values

The Courier Mail published the values that the Storm had disclosed for their playing roster for 2010. Most of the values represent correct values in this veteran league fans eye. So if Melbourne were paying above the odds, then that is just a poor judgment from the leadership within the club. Read the published values here, and check out our opinion.

Within the Top echelon of the team we have the following;
  • Cam Smith $400,000 (wouldn't pay more)
  • Greg Inglis $400,000 (elite game breaker, upwards to 500k)
  • Billy Slater $400,000 (Elite game breaker, upwards to 500k)
Next tier players include:
  • Adam Blair $300,000 (Kiwi International, Engine room, wouldn't pay more)
  • Cooper Cronk $350,000 (edge of rep footy, wouldn't pay more)
  • Sika Manu $280,000 (well above the odds)
  • Ryan Hoffman $275,000 (best days behind him, wouldn't pay more)
  • Jeff Lima $275,000 (well above the odds)
  • Brett White $275,000 (same as Hoffman)
Third Tier Players
  • Brett Finch $175,000 (over paid, over rated)
  • Todd Lowrie $125,000 (underpaid)
  • Dane Nielson $100,000 (correct)
  • Kevin Proctor $100,000 (correct)
  • Anthony Quinn $120,000 (underpaid)
  • Aiden Tolman $80,000
  • Ryan Tandy $80,000 
 Poverty Line - Less than 55k
  • Jesse Bromwich
  • Hep Cahill
  • Mathew Duffie
  • William Isa
  • Luke Kelly
  • Sione Kite
  • Chase Stanley (?)
  • Atelea Vea
The cap rort has been all about paying the star players more. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the investigation as to which players had contracts inflated. I think we may all be surprised. While we have placed higher values on some players, the most inconsistency occurs further down the list, with the up and coming players. We may not that Inglis and Slater could be worth 500k, BUT who would pay it. 400k is a realistic salary.

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