Thursday, April 22, 2010


A report is now surfacing from Phil Rothfield in which an amnesty of sorts be extended to bring all clubs cheating the salary cap to bring it out in the open and own up. There are many that believe that all clubs cheat the salary cap in some way shape or form. If what Phil states is correct, the calls to scrap the cap will be deafening. It also provokes more questions.

Additionally, if the amnesty does go ahead and clubs do come forward then what becomes of the punishment the Storm has just had metered out. Steve Mortimer believes that the punishment dished out by the storm has been a massive over-reaction and there are others following his lead. How can the interest of the Storm players be held when they are effectively playing practice games for the remainder of the season? Geez, they have copped one hell of a punishment. THREE minor Premierships, TWO Premiers Titles + a 2010 of nothing. What happens to their runner up status in 2006-08, should that not be rubbed out as well. Brisbane and Manly have now won those titles uncontested.

Geez, either way there are heaps of questions left to be answered. Will Melbourne survive?

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