Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Night Thrillers Start Early: Panthers win

Snowy has written in the previous post about the first half of the Knights v Panthers clash. Well the second half, with the Panthers at over $8 to win, staged a fightback that actually won them the game 34-30. Down 24-6 at halftime, to win was an amazing effort, especially considering the hostility of the Newcastle home crowd

At Half-Time, Snowy and I had an argument about the best place to play Michael Jennings, left or right. He has been largely unsighted in NRL2010, playing down the right side, but he set the field alight in the second half, scoring within the first couple of minutes and making decisive breaks at times during the game.

It is not hard to sit back and reflect on the performance of the refs, with the Panthers ill-disciplined in the first half, but it seemed that it was the Knights in the second. Not sure how to read the tactics this season, as the Panthers did get away with more, AT TIMES, in the second half.

What did stand out is that both teams have the capacity to run with the better sides, but need to find 80 minutes in their football.

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