Monday, April 12, 2010

Is Henry too Soft?

Luke O'Donnell is one of those players that used to frustrate me when I was playing. A proven tough performer but prone to stupidity and losing his cool. Simple penalties and the like used to cost more games than they won. I almost choked on my Corn Flakes reading coach Neil Henry's comments on Luke in the Monday papers.

Henry states that a sin-bin was already a bigger penalty than that warranted by O'Donnell's tackle on Tiger Beau Ryan. Considering, O'Donnell gave a great attempt to bend Ryan over backwards and rip his head off in the process, this statement of Henry's was ridiculous. Then he says " Its just the way he plays". Four penalties against O'Donnell in a minute, two by the rest of the Cowboys for the remainder of the game. "Its just the way he plays" YEP, Ill-disciplined, shows no team spirit and makes poor decisions that effect the team.

So, I got to thinking. Maybe the coach is the issue? A star-studded team like the Cowboys. Perennial under-performers, woeful defence and wrong attitudes. Is the coach too soft? Performance is the only criteria here and you would have to suggest that statement is correct.

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