Monday, April 19, 2010

In Support of Gus

Code's so-called leaders found wanting. You got that right GUS. Gus let everyone know about his true feelings towards the referees of the Parramatta v Souths game. You got that right GUS. Gus in a showdown with the leaders of our games, I am backing you GUS.

We need Gus at the moment to continue to put our leaders of the game under pressure.Some of his quotes from his LeagueHQ column makes sense to many rugby league fans, irrespective of borders.

"The administration structure now in place has failed. The individuals in the senior management positions of the NRL have proven themselves to be incapable of dealing with these issues and have done little to prevent the downward spiral.
I repeat: inadequate funding to clubs and the ridiculous NRL salary regulations are at the very heart of these issues." Gould writes

Incapable of dealing with issues. Those readers with a history of visiting (well before our current site archives) know of our comments in relation to the management of the NRL. We agree and support Gould with his comments, and it is only with credible people voicing opinion can we expect to change the status quo.

"The totally inadequate funding packages the NRL pays each NRL club out of the total revenue pool are laughable. Why clubs receive only $50 million out of the $150 million earned by the game should be investigated.
The salary cap has not evened out the talent - it has thinned it out.
Suggesting that 25 top-tier players for each club is enough for a demanding 30-week season - not to mention the amount of representative football being played by our elite players - shows the NRL's lack of understanding of the demands of a professional sporting code.
The ridiculous salary-cap regulations that have led to players retiring too early, heading to other countries and switching codes.
The national under-20s youth competition was never intended to replace the second-tier competition as the major reserve talent pool for the NRL.
Young players are being forced into first grade long before they are ready and this is detrimental to the quality of our product in the short term, and to their own development as footballers in the long term.
I am all for discussion on responsible spending and wage structures; however, the deterioration in the depth of experienced talent is reaching serious levels.
The NRL has ignored all warnings of this deterioration and long-term ramifications. The favoured responses from chief executive David Gallop - "We have many mouths to feed", "We are trying to grow the pie", "The salary cap has given us a great competition", "The problems in rugby league are easy to articulate but not so easy to solve", or his favourite, "The sky isn't falling" - have worn thin with everyone.
The NRL's response to my last column was to get its mouthpiece, The Daily Astonisher, to claim that I only criticise the salary cap because I want it scrapped so the Sydney Roosters can buy all the top players in the competition. Have you ever heard a more nonsensical and childish response in all your life?
Never have I called for complete scrapping of the salary controls. And what has my column got to do with the Roosters?
The suggestion that without a cap all the top players would be playing for the one team is flawed and such thinking is locked in a time warp going back to the 1980s. Is this the best that NRL management could do to defend its position?"

Here, Here. Many League fans yearn for a day at the footy, when juniors, then reserves played before the A-Grade. This can still be achieved as the only reason it has been disbanded is purely a cost exercise. In its place is a process where clubs FARM their players out to clubs playing in feeder comps. In Brisbane, the ludicrous position is the Broncos farm out their players to a host of clubs, so at any one time their reserve standard players could be facing off against each other. The Dragons farm out to Shellharbour, Penrith to Windsor. It is disgraceful and losing the concept of THE CLUB.

More power to Gould, and lets hope that a groundswell of opinion can help sweep out the lethargy and political bullshit that surrounds the senior management of our game.

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