Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fans Fighting Back

In what can only be described as a pleasing action, Storm fans are starting to fight back against overwhelming claims of cheating and rorting. Quite rightly, these fans express hatred for the managers and executives who perputrated this fraud, but believe they are needed to support the club and the players through this stressful time.
Opinion in the early days of the Storm Salary Cap scandel, was vastly against the Storm and the survival of the code. We are now hearing from fans calling for record attendance at this Sundays Warriors match as a strong sign of support. The Storm are holding a fan day as well at their new stadium and the call has certainly gone out for all to reach out and support.

There are also reports surfacing from Melbourne radio of a momentum change, deriding those fans that dumped their merchandise either outside of the club and on EBAY. These fair weather fans are feeling the full brunt of the loyal Storm fan in these challenging time. Loyal fans are certainly snapping up the bargains being had with others dumping their gear.

Whether all this is enough to save the Storm, remains to be seen. But at least it is clear that we do have some in this drama, seeing through all the hyperbole and seeing the Storm for what they are, A great football team, internally developed through a strong football culture with a work ethic that changed the face of the NRL.

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