Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Day Rugby League Died in Melbourne

The name Brian Waldren will forever be tarnished as the man that killed off Rugby League in Melbourne. The Australian Rugby Union was hoping that this would have been due to the Melbourne Rebels in the Super 15 competition, but it won't be. He has been named as the principal player behind the 1.7 million dollar salary cap rort, that has left the Melbourne Storm as a lifeless wreck in the National Rugby League.

Waldren, a former Chief Executive of the St Kilda AFL, was a highly respected Sports Administrator in Melbourne, who must be unemployed as surely the Rebels will find his continuation in the CEO role as untenable.

Their are no winners with this historic news, as the Storm, must surely be broke after repayments and fines.The following they had so painstakingly built up, must now surely feel cheated and ripped off. The players, who have become renowned for their skills, now face continued questions on their integrity, while the club, must surely face an uncertain future as sponsors and corporates run and duck for cover.

The NRL, who invested so heavily in the southern capital, would do better than cut their ties with the Storm and give up the concept of ever winning the Melbourne Market. To think that they had to cheat the cap to the extent and the systematic approach that they did, to build a side that stood a chance of winning over the Melbourne public, really shows the enormity of the task they were faced with.

On the plus side, this will likely lead to calls to scrap the cap once and for all.

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Anonymous said...

Its funny how the AFL recruit, Waldren, has ultimately led to the death of Rugby League in Melbourne, Is this a conspiracy theory

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