Saturday, April 24, 2010

Board Sanctions Gallops Tough Man Stance

The NRL Board had a phone link-up today and have released a Media Statement supporting the tough man David Gallop, and his imposed sanctions that will effectively kill off rugby league in Melbourne and any chance of creating any "super" TV deal that they keep harping on.

The Board did not have a formal vote and went to great pains to record that in the media statement, but stated that they all agreed and supported the sanctions imposed on the Melbourne Storm.

While Brian Waldren will be known as the man who loaded the gun that killed rugby league in Melbourne, but it was tough man David Gallop that pulled the trigger.

Today, the board sanctioned Gallops incompetence. For a man that would be charged with growing our game and revenue base, it is his "tough man" and tough decisions persona that keeps hindering this sort of growth. FOr those that rugby league and the actual base and tradition of this game, continue to just shake their heads at the incompetence of Gallop.

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