Monday, March 15, 2010

Round 1: What do we take out of It????

So now that we are finished the first week of 2010, what do we take out of it. Apart from the Bulldogs and Souths, I reckon most coaches will have some degree of happiness with their teams form.

Ivan Henjak will be astounded with the form his Baby Broncos showed in Game 1, while his Cowboys counterpart will be happy with the comeback and the twenty minutes they played Cowboys footy, would have made him happy.

Wayne Bennet would be stoked with the discipline shown by the Dragons, while Daniel Anderson would have had some level of comfort, that against an almost faultless team, his team still had enough class to almost snatch it.

Ric Stone from the Knights would be happy, as would Ricky Stuart who's no-name Sharks held the Premiers to a four point ball game. Both Tim Sheens and Dessy Hasler would have been stoked with the way both teams played on Monday Night.

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