Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clash of the Footy Shows

Wednesday and Thursday Nights offer a much anticipated viewing smorgasbord for the footy follower. The only drama is that you can't watch it all. Here Ole Snowy offers a solution.

Wednesday sees my two favourite footy shows on Tele. NRL on Fox and the Barefoot Rugby League Show on NITV. Which lame brained marketing pony-tailed type, put both of these shows on at the same time, WHY is beyond me. I love the grass roots of the Bare Foot boys, but up against the gloss of NRL on FOX, it will always come second. Apparently the execs of NITV are concerned about the ratings of the Bare Footy Rugby League show. Easy fix guys, put it on after NRL on Fox and watch your ratings climb.

Thursday now sees NRL Tactics (on Fox), the Matty John Show on Seven, and thefooty show on Channel 9. Again, Tactics and Johns clash, then we have Nine legend on too late at 9.30. There is room for everyone. Tactics at 6.30, Johns 7.30 and the footy show at 8.30. Three hours of footy, just pure bliss. Imagine what your missus will say, overjoyed.

So there you have it, Ole Snowy fixes the NRL TV debacle. Lets see if they listen.

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You idiot Snowy, Tactics is on at 6.30pm. What have you been drinking down Nambucca Way

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