Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Around the Grounds

On a regular basis we check out the forums on some of the other Rugby League sites to see what the fans are discussing and what are the issues as they see it. This will become a semi-regular review on what we find as we go AROUND THE GROUNDS.

Over at Leagueunlimited, the Front Row forums is usually one of the best and more vocal fan forums arround. They are having a good old chuckle on the drama that Allan Langer has found himself in, especially the photos that have emerged of his night. They also sling mud on the state of the NRL club websites provided by Bigpond, they are running a feature on the state of the crowds, and looking for the hapless Sharks to at least win one game this year.

At the World of Rugby League's Grandstand forums, Sean Bronco is stating that we are all partly to blame for the plight of the NRL refs. Comments have been passed on the standards of the game so far, unsung heroes, salary cap dramas and well as regular comments on Best and Worst buy of the year.(Justin Poore seems to be getting some big nods already as the worst buy.

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