Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shut Your Mouth Willie?

Its a good thing we have Willie Mason, otherwise the news around the NRL would be pretty quiet. David Gallop, the NRL CEO came out yesterday and told Willie to keep his mouth shut.

While that is probably some good advice, as Willie certainly doesn't seem to be learning any lessons from any mistakes that he has made. It is much easier to blame everyone else for your woes and continue on as is.

I still Mason to have a huge season with the Cowboys and Cowboys fans must be secretly happy with the potential of the forward pack they will be producing.

One thing, however, of concern for the NRL is the lack of personalities within our game. Mr Personality, himself, David Gallop also must recognise this. Losing Wendell Sailor will be huge in this aspect, and the comp needs colourful players urgently.

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