Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pre-Season Form

What do we make of the early pre-season form of the teams this year. In a nutshell, I don't think much can be taken at all.

Parramatta have struggled to win a trial, yet teams like the Warriors, Roosters and others have bounded out during the trials with hints of promise for the season ahead. I am not saying that the Warriors and Roosters are down for poor seasons, but in all likelihood they will improve, exactly how much will be the question.

From a recruitment and quality of team base, my fears are for the Dragons and Broncos who really havn't added to their squad and in real terms are minus in terms of squads they ran out last year. The Broncos look hell-bent on blooding new forwards, while the Dragons are expected to conjure up some greater attack to go with the discipline in defence they found last season.

The big improvers in our eyes are expected to be the Panthers, Tigers and the Rabbitohs. The Rabbitohs need some of the steel-like discipine to match thier enthusiasm, while the Tigers seem to have added to their roster well. However, I expect Matt Elliot to have a good season with his Panthers as he finally seems to have some quality in his squad, which appears to have a real Elliot touch to it.

So don't take anything from the trials team, as from March 12, is when it all counts.

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