Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where to now for Big Willie?

As a father of many kids around the nation, I have become prone to advising them of the need to get on with people and then in turn this helps you get on with the world. Don't be the person that people don't want to play, work or be with. Be the one they want to be with.

Now if only Willie Mason had been given that advice, OR had chosen to use it if it had been given to him. Be the big personality does him no favours at the moment. Unwanted at his club, and indeed inside the NRL, Willie has limited options. He has apparently recieved big money offers off-shore, but whether this is true or an attempt to keep his name in the media is arguable. By appearing to be a wanted commodity, also helps drive the type of money, Willie has become used to.

Desperate to remain in the NRL, the NRL doesn't appear desperate to keep him. Good luck Willie. What will he be remembered for????

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