Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Willy Still has some admirers!!

Willie Mason has been rumoured to be in the sights of the North Queensland Cowboys and Manly.

Maybe a change to Townsville is just what the doctor ordered for the human wrecking ball.

Many would agree that a charging Willie Mason is a great sight! It's about time we see the deeds back on the footy field and not in the gossip pages!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Folou to Union???

Folou to Union???

Well I guess I have heard it all now. Israel Folou has expressed an interest in Union.

Why, oh why, do league players feel the need to entertain thoughts on joining Rugby Union. The game is crap, ruined by referees and certainly not the sporting nirvana that it is painted up to be.

Additionally, one would have to guess whether Folou would actually succeed in Union. I don’t see too many high kicks to the corner, which appears to be Folous specialty. Union has fast agile backs, and I don’t see this in Folou.

Just another leaguie attempting to raise his money, I guess

Monday, January 4, 2010

Do we Need Johny Larkin in our game?

A well-meaning friend delivered the Johny Larkin book, The Cockroach tells all, to me for Christmas. I must say it did start with some promise with his photo and disclaimer on Russell Crowe. After that it went downhill and fast.
It had the usual predictable humour, based around booze, out-dated anecdotes, self-gloating bullshit and the gratuitous use of a fat middle aged man in various photos of distaste. Predictable use of the nickname in an attempt at humour to sell beer and the odd g-string shot.
I am pretty sure that the vast majority of league fans will see some humour in this, but by mid-book will be bored shirtless, much like the Reg Reagan book of a few years back.
The book isn’t even well written as a parody, with contradictory pieces, snippets and cannot even keep its own historical context. Heaven forbid, if anyone actually took this book as a serious piece of journalism.
Now some may describe this rant as a bit hypocritical seeing that we churn out the ole Myth and Legend, Snowy “Bloody” Fraser on our completely independent site. We don’t trot Snowy out as anything Snowy isn’t. A real reserve grade bush legend , with some outdated views but a real grip on the new world of Rugby League and the expectations of the fans and games. Snowy lives in our world, everyone knows a Snowy. No-one would ever admit to knowing a Johny Larkin.
Not sure how the NRL stops this sort of crap from going to print. The American NFL has such strict controls on how their game is depicted, that some movies have been forced to create their own league for their stories. A case in point is “On Any Given Sunday” in which a fictitious league was created as the NFL did not approve the movie script.
It’s time we moved the humour of our game to the next level, Lets get rid of the “fart” joke toilet humour and embrace some originality.

Sunday, January 3, 2010 goes mobile

2010 promises to be a great season here at with new improved access to this blog via Mobile Phone. This opens up improved news and views as things happen, as well as potential for score updates. Looking forward to 2010

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where to now for Big Willie?

As a father of many kids around the nation, I have become prone to advising them of the need to get on with people and then in turn this helps you get on with the world. Don't be the person that people don't want to play, work or be with. Be the one they want to be with.

Now if only Willie Mason had been given that advice, OR had chosen to use it if it had been given to him. Be the big personality does him no favours at the moment. Unwanted at his club, and indeed inside the NRL, Willie has limited options. He has apparently recieved big money offers off-shore, but whether this is true or an attempt to keep his name in the media is arguable. By appearing to be a wanted commodity, also helps drive the type of money, Willie has become used to.

Desperate to remain in the NRL, the NRL doesn't appear desperate to keep him. Good luck Willie. What will he be remembered for????

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Network Site for THEFOOTY.COM has been one of the more independant and trusted Rugby League fansites on the net since 2000. To further enhance what we do, we have integrated this sub-site into our THEFOOTY Network, as this site will enable us to provide better quality and more immediate updates than our current site. It offers also the potential to bring our web-sites all under the one banner with Google as our current hosting draws to a close. This will reduce the costs for us, as our site is purely a hoby which allows us to make comment in the public domian.

We hope this site enable us to improve our service to our current visitors as well as bringing ine new ones.

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